Monday, April 8, 2013

Medical Billing Company India

Experiencing consistently low revenues against your medical practice? Have you ever tried of finding right medical billing company in India? Medical billing and coding service providers in India can match up your expectations of best offshore health-care revenue life cycle management partners.

Professional medical billing companies can make huge difference in total revenue collected monthly through medical practice. Outsourcing medical billing to professionals help focusing on your medical practice and leaving dedicated and certified team of medical billers, coders maximizing revenues for you.

What Criteria Should Be Matched Before, Selecting Your Medical Billing Partner? Follow the very basis rules, some of them are listed as follows:

• Medical Billing and Coding Services you need
• Experience in your specialty, and track record
• Knowledge of your state regulations and policies
• Pricing Structure and service options
• Flexibility, scalability- Do they offer support administrative
• Paperless Office – EHR solutions, for easy, secure service

Renowned medical billing companies will help you get you paid right than before with fast turnaround time. Reduction in underpaid, unpaid, declined claims and denials is what they offer.

Reasons to Consider Outsourcing to Medical Billing Companies in India:

• When you struggle with cash flow
• Account receivable is going down
• Want to reduce expenses
• When need trusted, experienced team for better reimbursement
• Willing to reduce un-billed claims
• Speed up claim processing process
• Want to integrate billing and practice to EHR
• Want qualified medical billing experts
• Accurate and professional claim preparation
• Persistent follow-up of claims
• Prompt electronic payment posting
• Get substantially reduced denials
• Regular reporting and information update
• Want to get paid, right and faster
• And want to save time for your practice and family

Medical billing companies in India are continuously upgrading their knowledge, expertise and they have gained decent experience in past few years which enables them to deliver best medical billing coding solutions to global clinics, physicians, medical practitioners, hospitals, govt. health-care departments and business. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, ICD-9 codes, Health-care Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II codes and ICD-10 Transition information are few to name here.

Author, Ray Charles, professional at Medical Billing India (MBI) proven medical billing solutions, it holds a 17 year history of providing best medical billing and coding, insurance claim processing, and medical revenue cycle management services. Well versed team of certified medical coding, billing and claim processing health-care professionals. To compare prices and services, reach us at, Visit home page.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Medical Billing For Insurance Underpayment

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Is your insurance underpayment problem making is hard to recover medical cost despite service most critical medical specialty? The root cause to this problem is considered to be linked with refusal by insurance carriers, coding errors, billing policies and procedures.

Medical Billing India has devices correct revenue cycle management procedures helping physicians, clinics, orthopedic surgeons, hospitals and healthcare departments get CORRECT PAYMENT EVERY TIME. Contact for a FREE QUOTE, visit

Proven billing procedures are efficient with proven history of comparing contractual reimbursement against actual remittance, which helps certified medical billers at Medical Billing India to deliver correct payment for medical practices every time at very cost-effective prices and without any hassle.

Medical Billing Specialties, but not limited to:

·        Anesthesiology Billing

·        Cardiology Billing Service

·        Dermatology Billing Services

·        Gastroenterology Billing Service

·        Gynecology Billing Services

·        Neurology Billing Service

·        Neurosurgery Billing Services

·        Pain Management Billing

·        Paperless Office

·        Pathology Billing

·        Radiology Billing etc

Hiring professional medical billers is an effective way to increase reimbursements and gain control of insurance underpayments. Outsourcing medical billing to Medical Billing India will helps to overcome from the burden of managing claims and underpayments.

Unique Features:

·        Over 17+ years of experience

·        HIPAA Compliance billing services

·        Thousands of successfully completed projects

·        Certified team of highly qualified healthcare professionals

·        Advance technologies to ensure quick, accurate services

·        Complete knowledge of medical terminology, policies, and rules, insurance

·        Expertise in handling all medical streams billing and coding needs

·        Well aware of common billing errors

·        Round the clock online support and services

·        Cost effective services and free quote to start with etc

Outsourcing medical billing sounds expensive upfront but the overall outcome is far more profitable and hassle free compared to in-house billing management. Inquire more information on

Company: Medical Billing India

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Medical Coding Service Providers India Offers Error Free CPT, ICD, HCPCS Compliance Coding

Medical coding services with assured accuracy and as per international medical coding guidelines is provided at Medical Billing India, an experienced, reliable medical coding service providing company in India.

If you are seeking experience and error free medical coders and service providers in India, than its good time to contact Medical Billing India for a FREE QUOTE at no extra cost. Visit

Medical Billing India offers its high quality, quick and error free medical coding services based on philosophy of complete data security, privacy and precise coding as per international coding standards and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Professional and certified coders at Medical Billing India are efficient in providing best coding solution to a number of specialize needs.

some of them are listed as follows:

• Medicare
• Medicaid
• Managed Care
• Workers Compensation
• Blue Products
• Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
• Indemnity Insurers

Outsource medical coding services offered at Medical Billing India is perfect and best suited to healthcare, medical professionals, clinics, physicians, hospitals practicing any medical specialization stream.

Benefits Assured at Medical Billing India:

• Coding as per CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS standards
• HIPAA compliance coding and data security
• Up to 40-60% reduction on operational cost
• Access to certified medical coding professionals
• Strict quality assurance and error avoiding measures
• Fast, timely completion of coding projects
• Availability of services, 365*24*7 and more

To discover more benefits, pricing and services offered at Medical Billing India, email with a brief detail of coding needs on

Company: Medical Billing India (MBI)

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Medical Billers India Offers Medical Billing and Collection Services for Better Cash flow

Find secure, reliable and cost-effective medical billing and physician’s healthcare billing and collection services at Medical Billing India. As one of the most experienced medical billing companies in India, we offer complete healthcare revenue management, medical records management and medical billing coding and claim processing services at very low cost to offshore physicians, clinics, healthcare departments, hospitals and more.

Contact certified and experienced medical billers for cost effective services on

List of services offered at Medical Billing India:

• Medical billing for all specialization
• Physician Credentialing
• Indexing Medical Records
• Insurance Eligibility Verification
• Data Conversion
• Healthcare revenue cycle management
• Account receivable management
• Patient Demographic Entry
• CPT and ICD-9 Medical Coding
• Charge Entry
• Electronic Claims Submission
• Payment Posting
• Account Receivables Follow-up
• Denial Management
• Medical transcription India

Medical Billing Outsourcing to India covers every aspect and specialization found in healthcare industry. It imparts an extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, medical terminology, policy, rules and regulatory standards, data security and confidentiality issues and offers its medical billing and coding services according to HIPAA and other international compliance guidelines.

Benefits choosing medical billers at Medical Billing India for outsourcing needs:

• Highest level of quality assurance
• Cost-effective pricing structure
• Well developed and advance infrastructure
• ICD-9 and ICD-10 Compliance coding
• Access to experienced team of medical billers
• Round the clock availability of services and online support
• Free Quotes with in 24 hr without any financial obligation
• And more

To know more about medial billing and other services, benefits and pricing email on

Company: Medical Billing India (MBI)

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Medical Billing Company Offers Services to Ensure Appropriate Billing for Physicians

Medical Billing India (MBI), a company that offers medical billing and coding services to global healthcare, medical community helping physicians, doctors, hospitals and healthcare centers get proper reimbursements against medical practices they do.

Medical Billing India says, “As a physician do best medical practice and let billing, coding and reimbursements worries on us.” If you are seeking certified, experienced and reliable medical billing company in India for all outsourced physicians billing services needs than visit us on

Professionals at MBI practicing proven ways to enhance billing for medical practices, medical claims acceptance, collection, integrating it with existing billing applications, software, EMR.

Outsource medical billing services at Medical Billing India is perfectly suitable for any medical specialization stream and has potential to help physicians:

• Increasing efficiency and productivity
• Quality of medical practices
• Devote more time to patients
• Reducing clinical cost and increasing profit
• And get paid properly for the services
• Reduce hassle in managing records, billing and collection

Experienced and certified medical billing professionals supported with latest technology, tools, quality assurance team and in-depth industrial knowledge guarantees effective medical billing services for physicians at cost effective prices.

Why Medical Billing India?

• Experience of over 17 years
• Understands global billing and coding needs
• Thousands of successfully complete projects
• Satisfied client base across many European nations
• Proven track record of delivering 20-25% reimbursement hike
• Round the clock service and online support availability
• Experience staff from medical domains
• Customize billing services prices
• Free Quote to start with and more

If you have questions about our service or assistance need for your billing and coding needs, contact us on

Company: Medical Billing India (MBI)

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Medical Billing Specialist for Increasing Account Receivables

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Medical Billing India provider of outsource medical billing services, specialize increasing reimbursements up to 20-25% on assigned medical billing project.

Hire trusted and skilled medical billing and coding company with over 17+ years of experience in delivering the best solutions to medical professionals, physicians, hospitals, healthcare departments across United States, Australia, UK, and Canada and to other European nations.

Contact for a FREE QUOTE on various specialize medical streams billing needs, visit

Summary of duties and responsibilities assured at Medical Billing India:

·        Patient Demographics Entry

·        Secure Registration

·        Medical Coding

·        Charge Data Entry

·        Electronic Claims Submission

·        Payment Posting

·        Denial Management

·        Payment collection and Management

·        Reporting

·        Confidentiality and privacy of data

·        Adheres to all HIPAA guidelines/regulations

Account receivable collecting, posting and managing account payment on regular basis for customers ensuring quick, complete, secure and reliable medical billing and reimbursement collection services.

What makes Medical Billing India best in industry for outsourced billing requirements?

·        Efficient team of medical records technicians

·        Medical billing specialist team

·        Experience and expertise of thousands plus successfully completed projects

·        Efficient account receivable specialist team

·        Authentic, accurate and updated billing and coding process

·        HIPAA Compliance billing

·        Certified team of professionals

·        Multiple level quality assurance process

·        Lowest medical billing cost

·        Proven track record of improving reimbursement

·        Round the clock support and assistance

Medical Billing India is committed to meet the responsibility to ensure appropriate and full billing for the medical practices done by its customers. All billing services are subject and compliance with federal and state regulation, policies and updates of industry.

Explore and request more information on specialize medical billing services and benefits offered at Medical Billing India, email on

Company: Medical Billing India (MBI)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Empowering Medical Facilities and Reducing Cost

Next generation medical billing, coding and medical practices supporting technologies provides beneficial and resourceful impedance, monitoring and reimbursement capabilities to clinics, physicians, hospitals and health-care departments.

ICD-10 the most talked about change going to take place in medical coding systems by 2014. But the resource announcements, testing, practice, training are on to guide a smooth transition from old coding system to new ICD-10 system.

The transition implementation is going to be one of the biggest implementation medical industry has ever witnessed. Even intellectuals have designed ICD-10 Transition toolkit for practice.

Comprehensive Medical Billing and Coding Workforce Helps to Assure:
  • Privacy and security of personal health information and data
  • Access to best of health IT technologies and benefits
  • Full support systems wide adoption of EHRs
  • Quality reporting and timely claim submission and clearance
  • Supports economically to health practices
  • Timely and correct medical reimbursement
Services Expected:
  • Medical coding
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Physician billing
  • Health-care billing and coding
  • Revenue management service
  • Electronic medical billing etc
Employing professional medical billing, coding workforce empowers medical facilities and reduces cost for physicians, clinics and more.

Ray Charles, author and professional at Medical Billing India (MBI), leading medical billing, medical coding and claim processing service and consultancy company based in India with years of experience and expertise in dealing with billing and coding services across USA, Canada, UK, Australia. Inquire for more information on

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